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December 10, 2019    Meditation Vipassana Vipassana Meditation

So, you have completed the arduous 10-day Vipassana course and now you are all set to bear fruits of Vipassana in real life. But you know it, you can only benefit from the Vipassana practice if you consciously and continuously plug Vipassana in your everyday life. It would be unwise to assume that you will benefit from Vipassana by just completing the 10-day course and not following up on the practice.

I am jotting down all the things that you need to do which will help you benefit from Vipassana in your everyday life.

Daily Practice

Morning-Evening 2 hours Meditation

I know 2 hours is an insane ask from a person, regardless of whatever she does for a living. In this busy world carving out 2 hours in a day might seem impossible.

But if you force yourself in the habit of meditating every day twice, the benefits will be worth the efforts. Trust me.

You can expect all or some of the benefits if you practice every day twice -

  1. Sleep needed for your body might be reduced(which will pay back the time investment)
  2. You will have more focus hence you will complete the work quickly(again pay back of time investment)
  3. You will get highly efficient at your work, and the result of your work will be of much higher quality.

You will see improvements in all walks of your life.

Don’t forget a 5 minutes Metta after you complete your practice, and share your good vibes to the world

TIP — Generally you should practice Vipassana, but someday when you feel out-of-focus, feel free to perform Anna-Panna until you feel focused.

Before/After Sleep

Remember on the 8th day when you are asked to constantly observe on your sensations regardless of whatever you are doing. You have to do the same for 5 minutes before going to sleep and waking up.

Here, you don’t have to constantly scan your body. Just awareness about the sensations that come in your conscious should be enough. Don’t prevent yourself going from sleep though, let it come naturally.

This practice will benefit your subconscious mind to be more aware of your sensations in general which will supplement your Vipassana practice.

When you get bored

One of the great things you learn during Vipassana is how to live in the moment. You can apply the same when you are getting bored in any situation. Whenever you feel like you are getting bored you can always start focusing your attention towards sensations in your body. But be conscious of doing with eyes open otherwise it might feel like you are showing off.

Observe your emotions on the physical level

One thing that you learn in Vipassana is tight interconnection of your emotions and physical sensations. You can extend this learning in real life too. When you are going out about your day and come across an extreme condition of craving or aversion you can feel our sensation and not react on them.

For example- You are feeling anger you could actually feel different sensations in your body and just observe to those sensations and not react on them. Just observe and let it pass.

Just observe and let it pass.

One exercise you can do next time to understand my point is to observe your sensations when you come across your favorite food. You will feel drolling that is one of the sensations in your body if let that sensation go without reaction you can handle craving to your favorite food.

Organize or join a group meditation nearby

It is a known fact that when we meditate we let out good vibes in the world. And when we meditate around fellow meditators we benefit from those good vibes of others. I frequently visit these group sittings to get back on track after a few days’ gaps. I feel super energized when I meditate around a group.

Chances are there is a Vipassana center in your city, you can call them and check with group meditation timings. If you are unable to find a group meditation around you go ahead and make use of that office or society WhatsApp group to create a group of your own.

Perform labor donation

Everyone does a money donation when coming out of the course which is a great deed. But doing a labor donation is super-important too.Enabling Dhamma by donation of labor for new students is one of the noblest act there is. It doesn’t have to be a full 10-day course. You can even give your service during weekends by checking with the management of the nearest Vipassana center.

I feel all the centers struggle the most during the 0th day. If you can give service only 0th day that is great too.

Spread Awareness about Vipassana

The impact of knowledge Dhamma is such that it is hard to resist spreading awareness about the Vipassana technique. When you reap benefits and realise life-changing art of living you have come across, you just want to share with your friends and family.

Feel free to post a comment on how Vipassana has improved your life.


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