Organising My Life via GTD Getting Things Done Week 1

September 19, 2018    GTD Productivity Life-Learning


Life can get overwhelming if you don’t try to organize it. It might also feel out-of-control when you want to do so much but only have 24 hours in a day. It’s very easy to see your day passing-by with no satisfactory outcome.

Being in fast-moving tech-world only compounds to the above-mentioned feelings. Hence, I am always on the lookout of how to manage my time and energy towards a fulfilling and a stress-free life. So much so that I even tried designing an app that helps you manage your time and achieve your goal.

I have tried many methods to organize myself like putting everything on the calendar, creating many to-do lists or writing on a notepad. But these methods always fall through cracks. I always felt something is missing in this methods like there are dots which are not connected.

I was researching how people on internet approach this problem and was flooded by many methods.

After researching about few methods I decided to give GTD a try.

Present Day

Out of impulse I quickly ordered the book but couldn’t find time to read it(the irony) until recently.

I am done with the first part of the book which describes what of technique. And I have to say that books made a lot of sense. I can partly see why my previous attempts were failing.

I will not go in the detail about the technique here. But if I were to describe few interesting points about technique, that would be following —

  1. We often lack a structure of organizing our thoughts.
  2. We don’t completely offload our brain- meaning part information is in brain and part is in whatever tool we use.
  3. We sometimes fail to see a clear/bigger picture of what we are doing like hows/whys/whats.
  4. We treat this skill as an unimportant one and assume everyone struggles with it.
  5. We fail to allocate specific time to organize our week/day/month.

What’s Next

Part two of this book has tools and methods to implement this practice.
Meanwhile, I am also researching online how people are using digital tools to implement GTD.

As a first step, I will start offloading my brain by writing down all the active projects and projects which I always wanted to complete. Since this book goal means anything which requires more than one action this list will consist of 30–50 items.

I am excited to see what changes it brings in my daily and efficient I become in achieving my goals.

I will keep posting about my progress in implementing this method.
Please do let me know if you or someone you know have tried this method.

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