How I Survived Despite Being Stupid

March 10, 2017    Indian Life-Learning Philosophical

Few days back I indulged myself in teaching basic mathematics to a 10-year old kid. While teaching him I realised that how quickly he was grasping stuff compared to how difficult that was for me. This incident led me realize that I was always a dumb kid, it always took me time to figure out stuff.

While I am not at peak of my career, but reaching where I am now for a dumb kid like me is a wonder. So, I would like to share how I survived in this extremely competitive world despite being dumb-

  1. Persistence — This is the №1 reason of my survival I guess, while I know being persistent is not easy. But if you know that you are dumb and you have to work hard to getting things done then Persistence is the key to get things done.
  2. Knowing you are Dumb — You can only work on your weakness if you have identified one. I think you have to be humble about your knowings and weakness. I know that I don’t know shit.
  3. Being Ugly and Fat — I am thankful to God(or whoever) for making me ugly and fat. Everyone knows, things are relatively difficult for ugly and fat(unless you are in the stone age) — you don’t make good first impression, you are lazy, you have low-confidence etc, etc. I have to fight harder for everything, and this hard-working nature becomes hardwired when you have to do it so often. It makes you an emotionally stronger person and more failure accepting in nature.
  4. Seeking Help — One thing I have always kept in mind is I cannot survive without taking help from people no matter where I am.(Specialisation is the key to humankind). I also know that there are always smart people in the world from whom I can seek help and grow. I am almost never hesitant to ask for help and this has made me a smarter person. ( What Steve Jobs has to say on seeking help)
  5. Become Gandhi when you look at Mirror — I have never lied to myself when I look at a mirror. When I stand in front of a mirror, I ask tough questions and be honest about those questions. Questions I asked to myself -
  • Are you working hard?
  • Are you doing what you are supposed to do

I think you should never be embarrassed in front of mirror. GO NAKED(maybe literally ;) )

  1. Learning — I have completed my formal studies 2 years back and every single day since then I have learned something new. I have very childlike curiosity and with the power of internet in your hands, no question should go unanswered in my opinion. Like the other day, I learned the full-form of Wifi and story behind that name(I can bet most of you don’t know).

  2. No Zero Days — I will recommend you read this. Magic will happen in your life if you start following this.

What I am doing Currently to make my Life Better

  1. Following Stoicism — I need a philosophy for life. Read more about it here.
  2. Disciplined Life — Everything and everyday go according to schedule. Time for Clićhe — If you don’t run the day, day runs you.
  3. Intermittent Fasting — On Tuesdays and Fridays, I eat no carbs and have one meal in 24 hours. Read benefits here.
  4. Reading Books — One of the reasons I am dumb because I didn’t make them my best friends, making them now.

FollowUp Readings

I know you are definitely smarter than me, let me know how you tackle with competitive world.


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